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What’s Next After Paying Off Your Matrimonial Home Loan?

Hey there, fellow homeowners! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’ve paid off your matrimonial home loan, but you’re not quite sure what to do next? Well, you’re not alone. As a real estate agent here in Singapore, I’ve had countless clients ask me this very question. And you know what? It’s a topic that deserves some attention.

So, today, I want to dive into this issue and share my thoughts on what comes after paying off your home loan. I’ve seen many of my colleagues in the industry tackle this topic in their videos, but I thought it was about time I put pen to paper and shared my perspective.

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Is your real estate agent not giving you details on your financial figure?

Hey there! So, you’re gearing up for some serious real estate finance action, huh? Whether you’re eyeing that dream home or planning to cash in on your investment property, there’s one thing you absolutely must insist on from your agent: transparency about the money matters. Yep, you heard me right. If your agent isn’t giving you the lowdown on the financial nitty-gritty, it’s time to raise some eyebrows.

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klimt cairnhill

Klimt Cairnhill

Elevate your living at Klimt Cairnhill, soaring 36 stories above Singapore’s prestigious District 9. Discover unparalleled

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Wishing You a Prosperous Lunar New Year!

In the spirit of the auspicious Dragon Year, I extend my warmest wishes for joy, prosperity, and abundant blessings to each of you. As we embrace the blossoming opportunities of the new year, I am honored to be a part of my clients’ journey towards wealth and happiness.

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renting house singapore

Tenant’s Guide to Renting Your First Home in Singapore

Choosing the perfect rental property in Singapore marks the commencement of an exciting journey. Understanding your requirements is pivotal. Consider the location carefully, as it sets the tone for your daily life. Whether it’s the bustling cityscape of Orchard Road or the serene neighborhoods of Bukit Timah, each locale brings its unique charm and convenience. Renting your first home in Singapore is a transformative experience.
Each step, from initial research to settling into your new abode, shapes your unique journey in this thriving city-state.

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invest in commercial

Commercial Property – Remember these 3 points

Investing in commercial properties can be a smart move. They offer different rules and advantages compared to houses or apartments. Just like any investment, there’s some risk involved. But with the right knowledge and planning, you could see your money grow. If you’re curious about commercial property investing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Letter of Intent (Understanding LOI in Singapore Real Estate)

The Letter of Intent (LOI) is a crucial element in Singapore’s real estate market, serving as a preliminary agreement between tenants and landlords. In a nutshell, the LOI is a friendly, non-binding document that allows tenants to express their interest in leasing a property and kickstarts the negotiation process.

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absd 2023

Singapore Doubles ABSD Rate to 60% for Foreign Property Buyers

In a bold move to regulate the real estate market, Singapore has recently announced a significant increase in the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) rate for foreign property buyers. Effective immediately, the ABSD rate has been doubled from 30% to a staggering 60%. This decision aims to ensure a stable and sustainable property market, while prioritizing the housing needs of Singaporean citizens. With this new measure in place, the government seeks to strike a balance between attracting foreign investment and safeguarding the interests of local residents. Foreign property buyers will now need to carefully evaluate their options, while Singapore continues to solidify its position as a thriving and resilient real estate market.

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Commercial property investment Singapore

Unlocking the Potential of Singapore’s Commercial Real Estate Market: Insights, Trends, and Opportunities

Singapore’s commercial real estate market presents a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking long-term capital appreciation and rental income. While there are risks involved, proper due diligence and a solid investment strategy can help investors navigate the market and unlock its full potential. With the right approach, investors can tap into the growth potential of Singapore’s commercial real estate market and achieve their investment goals.

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Preventing and Dealing with Choked Toilet Bowls: A Guide for Homeowners

Choked toilets are a common problem for many homeowners, especially those living in condos where multiple people are using the same plumbing system. It’s an unpleasant situation that can lead to water damage, sewage backup, and unsanitary living conditions. However, with the right knowledge and preventative measures, you can avoid this problem and keep your bathroom functioning properly.

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Setting Up A Singapore Company

Incorporating a company in Singapore involves understanding the different options available and the process of setting up your own legal entity. There are two main types of companies: public and private. Public companies are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and must have at least 50 shareholders, while private companies can have no more than 50 shareholders. Both locals and foreigners over 18 can incorporate a company in Singapore. Foreign individuals must complete their company registration before being eligible for an employment pass with guaranteed approval from the authorities.

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Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) – MUST KNOW

Are you planning to purchase a property in Singapore? You need to be aware that buyer’s stamp duty (BSD) applies for any property that you purchase in Singapore. Here’s some quick information that are updated on 21 Feb 2023.

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