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Setting Up A Singapore Company

Incorporating a company in Singapore involves understanding the different options available and the process of setting up your own legal entity. There are two main types of companies: public and private. Public companies are listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and must have at least 50 shareholders, while private companies can have no more than 50 shareholders. Both locals and foreigners over 18 can incorporate a company in Singapore. Foreign individuals must complete their company registration before being eligible for an employment pass with guaranteed approval from the authorities.

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Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD) – MUST KNOW

Are you planning to purchase a property in Singapore? You need to be aware that buyer’s stamp duty (BSD) applies for any property that you purchase in Singapore. Here’s some quick information that are updated on 21 Feb 2023.

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Should Foreign Buyers Be Deterred By The 30% ABSD?

Singapore has a reputation as a prosperous, efficient, and safe country. Its political stability and peaceful transition of leadership have made it a popular choice for global investors. If you are a foreigner, read on to find out if the 30% ABSD rate should discourage you from purchasing a residential property in Singapore.

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