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Increase in scams alert

Increasing number of scam cases in real estate

There has been an increase in scam cases relating to real estate lately. Scammers are impersonating as real estate agents in order to trick consumers into paying deposits or fees that are bogus.

Fret not, I have prepared this article to help you understand what are some common types of scams deployed by these scammers. And also how you can safeguard yourselves by verifying the identities of such agents.

I want to bring your attention to recent scammers who are collecting deposit from tenants in order to secure a viewing. Some of them even go to the extent of faking invoices or collecting security deposits from tenants to rent the property from them.

Many agents’ identity have also been faked by all these scammers. 

I’m doing this to share with all of you, so that your friends or family members can be alerted to let them know such scams are happening around. 

There are 3 simple steps to prevent being a victim to such scammers.

  1. Tally with CEA Public Register. Click here to get to the page.
  2. Ensure that the salesperson contact is registered with CEA. 
  3. Ensure that you are able to communicate and also liaise through the salesperson registered mobile number

Perform a search by clicking on [Check if your agent is registered].

Key in the mobile phone of the agent’s number and search if it is a valid registered phone number with CEA.

This is how you can verify an agent via CEA Public Register.

If the person is not registered with CEA, or if the mobile number is not registered with CEA, or if the person is unable to communicate with you with the CEA registered mobile number, it is very likely to be a scam and you should stop all communication with the person. 

So remember these steps, share this article with your friends, so that we can help the community to avoid being a victim to scams.

P.S. I really hate scammers!!!

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